Welcome to Masterlay Brick Co
Masterlay Products LtdĀ has been arch making and brick cutting for the past 26 years in the London and South East area. From large public companies to the DIYer, all have found the benefits of using our services.
With many brick shapes are no longer available, here at Masterlay we are able to reproduce these bricks and thus allow sympathetic renovation. We are always able to meet the rigorous demands of the modern construction industry.

Services that we offer:

Cut and bond: cut and bonding of all angles .all joints are dressed. Recommended specialist in bonding Corium tiles for angle corners.

Arch making: Whether it is on SIP,on Steel or concrete,there is an arch solution available.

Refacing: refacing of bricks to match orginal face and thus are able to produce plinths,cants etc.

Heavy block cutting: dense and lightweight concrete blocks cut for example, to achieve trough or winpost blocks.

Drilling: core drilling of blocks, bricks or paviers in numerous diameters. Examples would be for inserting steel bar or for inserting lights in paviers.

Multi cutting of lightweight blocks: Specialist machines capable of producing high volumes at an economical price.

Stock of standard internal and external angles. Over 3000 of most popular bricks held.